Serving the GTA, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Guelph, London and KW areas.


Businesses For Sale



Location: One Hour North of GTA

Price: $525,000


  • Long established business designing, manufacturing, and marketing a B2B family of products used by other manufacturers, processors, and logistics companies
  • Full time staff of 2 plus owner.
  • Custom design and manufacturing processes provide protection from offshore manufacturers. 
  • Considerable growth opportunities with implementation of a crystalized sales and marketing strategy
  • Top ten customers represent 68% of sales. (approx. blended average)
  • Inventory of approx. $50,000 (FMV) included
  • Capital assets of approx. $225,000 (FMV) included
  • Blended 4-year sales approx. $1.1mm with normalized blended EBITDA of $150,000
  • Newly developed prototype developed and being marketed- seller would look for an incremental earn out on sales of this item
  • Full transitional assistance offered from owner.
  • An excellent opportunity for a hands-on operator with sales and mechanical acumen or a manufacturer looking for bolt-on strategic product. 



Location: Hamilton

Price: $195,000


  • Busy restaurant serving breakfast and lunch six days per week (8a-2p) 
  • Open 3 ½ years  and has developed a strong and loyal clientele of local businesspeople and   residents.
  • Good   location with strong traffic flow.  
  • Total of   11 tables with seating for 48.  
  • All  equipment meticulously maintained- completely turnkey. 
  • In  addition to owner, 2 FT and one PT employee
  • Average  charge per client is $12.50
  • 1256 ft  sq. lease - $3200/month all in. Renewable June, 2020. Buyer would be      allowed to negotiate new lease prior to closing. 
  • Revenue  has been growing with F2019 at $317,000
  • Cash flow  to owner (SDE) normalized at approx. $108,000
  • Capital  assets valued (UCC on balance sheet) at $71,000
  • Inventory  of $2,500 included 
  • Very  attractive, clean, and amenable surrounds. 
  • Transitional  assistance from Seller included
  • Growth  opportunities abound
  • Great  opportunity for a couple or chef looking to buy and build a successful business!       



Location: West GTA

Price $225,000


  • This business provides a seasonal service (winter) to homeowners (90%) and businesses      (10%)
  • Inventory   is stored in the off season and installed at the beginning of winter and      removed as the winter progresses
  • FT Staff  of 3 plus owner (seasonal) 
  • Fully  developed website with sales lead portal
  • Gross  margins of approx. 93%
  • Owner reports no direct selling – revenue derived from existing customers and      referrals
  • Computer  software, customer information including required installation details,      are included.
  • Normalized  revenue of $200,000 with cash flow to owner (SDE) of approx. $110,000
  • Designs  are proprietary to business and are included 
  • Some  tools and materials included
  • Home  based business with year-round storage facility
  • Full  transitional assistance offered
  • Limited  competition 
  • Ideal  for owner operator or a seasonal summer business (e.g.- pool      services/landscaping) to add to their business over winter months. 


Location: Niagara Region

Price: $539,000 


  • Established for over 15 years, the company has a strong reputation and large customer base.
  • The inventory selection is very  tasteful and has been refined over the years to meet the demands of its  customers
  • Trained staff in place
  • Twenty-one major suppliers offering compelling products that provide strong margins
  • Extremely well merchandised store      
  • Average customers are homeowners aged 35-55. 
  • Premises 4850 ft. sq. and will be  renewed at 2018 rate in July for 2 years with a 5-year option  
  • Strong population growth within  trading area
  • Revenue of approximately $550,000, gross profit $310,000 with normalized SDE of $150,000. Current inventory of   approx. $180,000 included. 
  • Well-developed website 
  • Great opportunity for someone  with retail experience with an eye towards home furnishing! 


Location: West GTA

Price: $640,000


  •  Long established business founded in 1984 with current owner running it 8+ years. Excellent reputation 
  •  Owner and/or staff must have a CFAA license to operate the business
  • In addition to owner, 2 F/T employees (inspections and administration) and 2 P/T employees 
  •  A large portion of the revenue stream is from repeat customers and buildings
  • Very large expansion/growth potential. Current owner has been turning down new customer requests for quotations due to labour and time constraints 
  • 70% commercial, 30% industrial
  • Customers include property management groups, institutional clients, and corporations
  • F2018 revenue of $605,000 with F2019 tracking to an increase (June 30 YE) 
  • F2018 normalized cash flow of $260,000 and $160,000 EBITDA. F2019 tracking higher 
  • Debt Free/Cash Free 
  • Full transitional assistance offered from owner. Owner could potentially stay on beyond this period in a consulting capacitye
  • UCC on vehicle $6,735
  • Seller owns the building and would be prepared to lease at favorable rate
  • Reason for sale is semi-retirement
  • An excellent opportunity for a hands-on operator or a competitor looking to gain access to a strong/diverse/scalable account base.


Location: Niagara Region

Price: $239,000


  • Long established business manufacturing and marketing a premium specialty food products
  • Full time staff of 2 plus the owner
  • Website in development
  • Supplies one major account and several independent retailers
  • Has secured access to quoting another major account
  • Owner has not been actively engaged in the business due to family health issues
  • Considerable growth opportunities with implementation of a crystalized sales and marketing strategy
  • At November 30, 2017 capital equipment and leaseholds at $202,000 including machinery, freezers, truck 
  • At November 30, 2017 revenue of $254,000 and gross profit of $181,000.  
  • Full transitional assistance offered from owner.
  • An excellent opportunity for a hands-on operator with food manufacturing experience or a competitor looking to add a category and gain access to a desirable account base.


Location: Golden Horseshoe 

Price: $595,000


  • An independent Canadian supplier of medical equipment and devices
  • Strong revenue growth profile with solid cash flow/profitability
  • ADP Licensed
  • Open 6 days/week and receives clinic referrals
  • Staff in place and would likely stay on
  • F’18 Revenue (Y/E February) estimated at $750,000
  • Normalized EBITDA of approx. $200,000
  • Included is approx. $90,000 in net working capital ($70,000 inventory) and $7,000 in capital equipment
  • Attractive lease in strong location with 3 years remaining
  • Turn-key operation
  • Buyer could increase staff hours and be part-time
  • Owner will offer full transitional assistance
  • Some medical equipment experience would be beneficial



Location: Central South-West Ontario 

Price: $295,000

  • A well-established clinic providing innovative, specialized health and wellness services that includes physiotherapy, orthotics, chiropractic, naturopathic, and DNA testing practices. Has well established medical aesthetics services that includes IPL (laser based) services, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Body Contouring and Skin Tightening​
  • ​Utilizes state of the art, advanced technologies
  • ​Fully turn key with existing staff and large customer base
  • Treating back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, head aches, prenatal pain, sports injuries, and postural pain
  • F2016 Revenue of $265,000 with Sellers discretionary Earnings of approx. $109,000. F2017 revenues of $295,000 and SDE of approx. $129,000. F2018 Revenue tracking over $300,000
  • Capital assets of $129,000 included
  • Located on a busy thoroughfare
  • Fully developed website



Location: West GTA 

Price: $1,650,000


  • ​​The company has a broad base of customers including industrial and commercial end-users and redistributors.
  • No single customer represents more than 15% of the company’s business
  • Most of the distribution is within a 100 km radius of the head office.
  • The company was established in the 1960’s and has a history of consistent revenues and cash flow.
  • The company distributes a broad range of quality brands. Inventory management is strong and averages 9.5 turns per year
  • F2018 revenue of approx. $2.7mm, gross profit of $1.05mm, and normalized EBITDA of approx. $425,000.
  • Net Working Capital of $375,000 included (inventory of approx. $350,000 plus AR)
  • Depreciated capital assets of approx. $100,000. Two leased trucks with lease assumed by Buyer
  • In addition to the owner, the business has a general manager, office/inside sales manager, two inside sales representatives, a warehouse manager, two warehouse staff and two part-time drivers. Entirely turn-key with staff having strong customer relationships. Business is not highly owner dependent.
  • Management is focused on and has delivered strong customer service and high product fill-rates.
  • Full transitional assistance included.
  • Share Sale
  • Attractive to an owner operator, investor, or competitor looking for an accretive acquisition that would add geographic coverage and scope.




Location: SW Ontario

Price:  $799,000


  • This business is a distributor of innovative agriculture products and equipment in Canada and the USA.
  • It has an exclusive agreement with one manufacturer and has agreements with six other manufacturers
  • The company has a broad base of over 200 customers who are principally end users. No single customer represents more than 8% of the company’s business and distribution is in Ontario, Canada, and the USA.
  • It enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry and was founded approx. 14 years ago. Its objective is to help farmers improve productivity and their bottom line.
  • There are employees that would likely stay on. The seller would also look to enter into a 5 Year employment or consulting agreement in a sales management capacity, making this an ideal situation for a corporate purchase.
  • The seller owns both the office and warehouse facility that he could lease ongoing. Or the business could be rolled into an existing business.
  • Revenue has grown from $2.17mm to $$3.52mm over the past 4 years and sales and order backlog for fiscal 2018 stands at $1.8mm. (year end October 31) 
  • Normalized EBITDA of $200K and Normalized SDE at $300K. Inventory of approx. $450K included as well as capital equipment/leaseholds, and goodwill. Balance of Net WC to be discussed.
  • An excellent opportunity for an agricultural based corporation to make a sound, accretive acquisition of a growing company with current management retained. 



Location: East GTA 

Price: $2,000,000

  • ​Profitable Plumbing and HVAC Company originally incorporated in the late 90’s.
  • Clients include Cities and Municipalities, Builders, General Contractors, Businesses, and End Users. 
  • Company has strong relationships with suppliers and employees. 
  • The company has been built on service, expertise, and reliability. Does installations (70%) and service/maintenance work. (30%)
  • Completely turn-key and seller committed to a successful transition. After transition, seller would be willing to enter into a one year consulting agreement at 30 hours/week.
  • Existing 5000+ ft. sq location leased at approx. $1500/mo plus second small facility at $1,500/mo.
  • F2017 Interim 5-Month revenue approx. $2.6mm trending to $4.5mm Full Year.
  • 5 Month operating income of approx. $850,000 with EBITDA forecast full year at approx. $1.4mm.
  • Current backlog of approx. $4mm (50% Plumbing, 50% HVAC) 
  • Included in the sale price is approx. $120,000 of inventory and $175,000 (UCC) of capital equipment.
  • Buyer should have plumbing and HVAC experience. 
  • Some vendor financing available to qualified buyer
  • Share sale 



Location: Golden Horseshoe

Price: $450,000​

  • The business provides a service to truck fleet operators in the Golden Horseshoe.
  • The company has a broad base of clients. The majority are long-term.
  • No single customer represents more than 25% of the company’s business and most of the work is done within a 50 km radius of the head office.
  • The company provides two core services, one which is quite stable and the other exhibiting considerable growth.
  • The company has shown a history of increasing revenues and cash flow.
  • F2017 revenue of approx. $680,000 with blended normalized Seller’s Discretionary Earnings of approx. $215,000. Normalized EBITDA of $135,000. Normalized EBIT of $127,000.
  • Included in the asking price is approx. $41,000 in capital equipment (UCC), software, FF+E, and goodwill.
  • Business is not highly owner dependent.
  • Additionally, there are 2 P/T administration staff and 9-12 seasonal hourly staff
  • Current lease has 1.5 years remaining. 3125 Sq. ft. at $2200/month.
  • Business running at 50% capacity utilization so there is room for further growth without the need for more capex.
  • Website is the only marketing spend with no active selling.
  • Management is focused on and has delivered strong customer service
  • Full transitional assistance included. The business skills are easily transferable
  • Ideal opportunity for an owner operator, a competitor, or similar business looking for an accretive acquisition that would add geographic coverage and scope. Entirely turnkey.
  • Share sale



Location: West GTA 

Price: $137,000

  • ​​Boasting a client database of 2200, this long-established (20+ years) pet services company has consistent revenues and cash flow.
  • In any given year 375-400 clients are active in contributing to revenue
  • Has one administrative associate and many independent contractors
  • A home based business that provides a variety of pet care services
  • Complete database and software including contractor contact information and performance ratings.
  • Most recent fiscal yearly revenues of $307,000 with normalized SDE of $65,000
  • Full transitional assistance offered.
  • An excellent opportunity for an owner operator with a passion for pets!
  • Completely turn-key